Speech analysis to detect diseases

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Accexible’s vocal biomedical platform  enables remote, digital cost effective speech analysis for early diagnosis and monitoring of mild cognitive impairment and dementia. 

Patent filing

Intellectual property protection for Accexible’s platform

Clinically validated

The platform has been validated through clinical studies in Europe.


Our 60 second test has a detection accuracy of > 91%.


What are the benefits of becoming a Accexible shareholder?
By becoming a shareholder, you will help Accexible to accelerate our time to market in Europe, as we help to early detect mild cognitive impairment and dementia. Becoming an Accexible shareholder gives you a new way to make an impact with your money that also benefits society:
  • 2/3 of the people that suffer mild cognitive impairment are not diagnosed (a predementia stage)
  • Globally 50 million people suffer dementia
  • On average, only 20% of the people diagnosed with dementia are diagnosed at an early stage
You will also have the opportunity to benefit financially from the growth of value in the business if we are successful. As a shareholder, you will be helping Accexible take the next step on its journey and hopefully create a more valuable company which in turn would increase the value of your shares. As a growth business, we are currently focused on reinvesting any earnings back into the business to help support the development of our vocal biomarkers market and increase the value of the company so we do not expect to pay dividends to shareholders in the near future. Of course, as with any investment, there are risks when investing in shares - see below.
What is crowdfunding?
Crowdfunding allows us to receive investment from a large number of people via a dedicated online portal. As a company, sustainability is at the heart of what we do, so when it came to our next funding round we wanted to democratise the process and open up the opportunity to own shares in Accexible to everyone.
Who are Crowdcube and how can I invest?
Accexible has partnered with equity investment experts Crowdcube to offer our shares. To become a shareholder of Accexible you will need to open an account with Crowdcube and place your investment through them. Your investment will be administered and held through your Crowdcube account, and Crowdcube have recently announced the intention to open a secondary marketplace where you can look to sell your shares in the future.
When will your crowdfunding go live?
The exit options for investors in start-up and growth stage businesses are quite different from the process of buying and selling shares. Currently, shares bought in the types of businesses on the Crowdcube platform are not typically available to trade on a secondary market, and therefore your exit options as an investor are more limited. Crowdcube have recently announced the intention to open a secondary marketplace where you can look to sell your shares in the future but this has not yet been rolled out / opened. If Accexible continues to grow, there could be other opportunities in the future to sell your shares. This might be if the company lists on a stock exchange, Accexible is bought by another company or the company offers to buy back your shares using profits.
What are the main risks of investing in shares?
There are two principal risks to be aware of when investing in shares, particular when investing in growth focused businesses:
  • The value of your shares depends on the success of the company. If the company is unsuccessful and decreases in value, the value of your shares will also fall. If the company fails completely and goes out of business, you would lose all of your investment.
  • Your shares in Accexible, as a private company without its shares being traded on a public market, are illiquid, which means they can be difficult to sell and it can be hard to value them. It may not be possible to sell them at all, even if the business is a success and your shares have increased in value. You should therefore be prepared to hold your shares for the long-term.
You can find out more information about making an equity investment, including the different risks involved, in the appropriate information section from Crowdcube (the investment platform where our campaign is available).
When will the round close?
The campaign will last for up to 30 days, or whenever we reach or target. If we hit our target sooner then we will give a 24hr warning before the round closes. Please note, there is a limited amount of equity available in this round and we expect the round to fill quickly therefore we encourage you to pledge your commitment as soon as the round opens. The campaign will close as soon as we hit the maximum amount we’ve opened to the crowd, or once the 30 days is up

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We have partnered with Crowdcube to launch a crowdfunding campaign and give you a unique opportunity to contribute to the future of our company.